Competition x Cooperation

Encourage cooperation without crowding out competition. The logic is clear: others EPISODES and CARDS are important to you just as your episode and keys are important to others.

However, those who reach the end first guarantee exclusive and unique rewards. This form of competition, which requires cooperation, motivates negotiation strategies, feeding the cycle between the right moment to give in and keep, buy and sell, highlighting the most skilled participant.

The system is not about deciphering riddles, but better trading secrets.

Reflect on your strategy and get there first!


The MysteriesLand system is democratic and fair, as it allows everyone to participate. As it is not necessary to hold the tokens to reach the end, participants can sell, capitalize and buy again, in a constant cycle until reaching the FINALCHAPTER.

This means that it is not necessary to have the money for all the Episodes and Cards, it is possible to reach the end having bought only one EPISODE and ten CARDS, because after validating that EPISODE the participant can sell it to buy the next one. The same goes for CARDS.

As all progress is recorded on the blockchain, EPISODE validation ensures that you have completed the steps even without having the tokens in your wallet. What's more, the rewards on top of royalties ensure a continuous income for the winners.

You will be able to follow your progress in the APP, controlling the EPISODES that have been validated.

Have fun, spend little and win, that's the goal!

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