From Beginning to End

Briefly, MysteriesLand can be understood like this:

A mystery story is written and becomes a short book. It is then divided into 100 episodes made up of small enigmatic scenes and a final chapter that: unveils the background behind each episode, unites them all in context and reveals the mystery of the story.

Then, the EPISODES that make up the story are encoded, that is, some phrases/words of the text are hidden and represented by a numerical code (Example of CODE and its KEY:

[ 10-222 = "he killed him". ].

The key that decrypts the code is embedded in tokens called CARDS.

Afterwards, the EPISODES and CARDS are minted in NFT tokens, so that it is only possible to understand their content after decoding it. See an example:

The EPISODE decoding is done through NFT CARDS tokens that have hidden the meaning of a code [ or more, depending on the project ], that is, the participant will only see the content of the code key if he is the owner of the NFT. See the example:

Another rule in MysteriesLand: each EPISODE has 10 codes in its content, that is, you will need 10 different CARDS to read an episode. Look:

EPISODES are numbered from 0 to 99 and CARDS from 0 to 990. EPISODE #0 is the beginning of the story and is decoded so that everyone can read it and CARD #0 works as an access card to benefits; EPISODES 01 to 99 will all be encoded; CARDS 01 to 990 decipher a code; and the FINALCHAPTER will be unlocked for claiming after decoding all 99 EPISODES.

It is possible that the correct order of EPISODES does not correspond with the EPISODE number, that is, the content of EPISODE #10 may be the first in the story, as well as EPISODE #1 may be the tenth of the story. It's more of a challenge, arranging the correct order of EPISODES as the story unfolds.

Each EPISODE must be validated to be considered decoded. Validation consists of accessing the book's APP with the EPISODE and the respective 10 CARDS in your wallet on the 'VALIDATE' page. Validation will succeed when burning the decrypted EPISODE and instantly mining another one.

The validation record will be on the blockchain, so you will be able to sell your EPISODE and CARDS after validation. To unlock FINALCHAPTER you don't need to have all the EPISODES and CARDS in your wallet, you just need to have validated all 99 EPISODES.

Thus, we can conclude that a 'book' is composed of:

  • 01 decoded episode, the "0".

  • 99 encoded episodes, from "01" to "99".

  • 01 utility card, the "0".

  • 990 cards with keys, from "01" to "990".

  • 01 final chapter.

Each book has its own section (website) with the details of each story, specific rules, APP and can be accessed on the Books page.

Important Notice: The EPISODE you decoded does not make the episode decoded for everyone, that is, if you sell an episode, the one who buys it will also have to decode it by buying the CARDS. This happens for two main reasons:

  • It is a competition of who gets to the final chapter first, since the first ones will have more benefits than the others. As such, you don't want to reveal your episode's secrets to the other contestant lest they beat you to it.

  • The commercialization of the episodes and the keys is what sustains the income of the prize fund, therefore, the more exchanges there are the more you will earn royalties when you reach the final chapter, in this way, you will not want to reveal the secrets to the other so as not to prevent him from buy the cards and increase the prize fund income.

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