The MysteriesLand project was created to perpetuate itself, either through new technological tools or with the launch of new books with their own universes that are increasingly engaging, creative and participatory.

But we are going to take the steps according to our ability to effectively carry them out, moving on to the next step only when the current one has been reached, and for this reason we will not set rigid deadlines for our roadmap.

We created a roadmap for a long journey with goals for launching new books, access MysteriesLand and see our timeline.


"Be part of the story. Explore LAND's from the books, see the amazing scenes and structures, acquire the properties of the story, be a character, it's you in the book!".

This would all be sensational, but it is just a wish and an expectation, we have no immediate plans for this development, but we are confident that we will be able to take this step in the near future!

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