A book has 100 parts/episodes. Whoever deciphers the 99 EPISODES unlocks the purchase of the FINALCHAPTER, having access to the entire book and knowing the mystery that surrounds it.

However, the order of arrival at FINALCHAPTER offers other rewards, which are:

  1. The first 3 will have their names engraved in the dedication of the printed book, written in order of arrival (first, second and third places).

  2. The top 10 will receive a printed copy of the book at their address, numbered in order of arrival.

  3. The top 99 will participate in the royalty fund receiving 1/100 of all royalties accumulated in the fund and will continue to receive as long as there is royalty income from secondary sales.

  4. Whoever reaches the end after the first 99 will receive the accumulated balance of the proportion 1/100, but divided in equal proportion with all those who arrive in the sequence after the hundredth.

  5. Everyone who owns the NFT FINALCHAPTER will be eligible to purchase the avatar of the characters in the book.

  6. Everyone who owns the NFT FINALCHAPTER will be eligible to acquire one of the properties contained in the story, in the possible and desired metaverse of the book.

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