Centralized or Decentralized?

When it comes to a technology project where users interact with a platform through tasks, benefits, private access and new releases, the need for people with a workforce to produce the minimum necessary for the perpetuation and maintenance of the project is indisputable.

A project that nobody takes care of or where many contribute but there is no command to organize all the people and actions, is a project destined for death.

In that sense, the idea of the MysteriesLand project is that, until a better format emerges, it will be a hybrid, part centralized and part decentralized. Let's explain.

Launch management, platform, marketing, support, innovation, updates and the launch of new books are centralized and managed by the founding company of the project.

The NFT's, challenges and the prize fund and royalty payment are decentralized, formatted and executed on open source smart contracts registered on the blockchain.

The expectation of developing a liquidity platform and the metaverse, if they become a reality, will have its format discussed with the community.

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