MysteriesLand it is a universe of short and objective literary stories, involving an enigma or mystery.

We can say that his method contains the concepts of literature, puzzle, treasure hunt and collectible album.

These factors together make the project unique, and more than that, the stories are partitioned into collectible episodes in NFT tokens, minted on a blockchain network.

Methodology and Logic

It is a system that divides a mystery 'book' into small stories in the form of episodes, encodes each one and turns the final chapter into a reward.

The ending is a reward because it will only be known to those who have decoded all parts/episodes.

The final chapter will be the achievement, but as any achievement that generates satisfaction requires effort, you will have to work to reach the final chapter, and that work is to get all the episodes (since they are spread out among several participants), decode them (you will need to acquire the keys) and read its contents (the keys decrypt the contents).

All books in the MysteriesLand universe obey a basic rule: they are divided into 100 parts, 99 of which are small stories in the form of single episodes and a final chapter that brings together the explanation behind them and unravels the mystery.

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