A CARD is a collectible NFT token containing the image of an item representative of history.

It will contain, hidden in an unlockable content, the meaning of 1 code, in the form of a word, number or phrase, which will allow you to read part of the respective EPISODE. Example:

Code: [10-01]= β€œlistening”.

It will have an identification number, a number and color representative of the copy and the decoding of one of the 990 codes in the book.

The meaning of the code contained in the CARD is random and hidden, that is, it will only be known by the owner of the token. This key may not work for the episode you own, in which case you can sell it, collect it or keep it to use in the episode you intend to purchase in the sequel.

There may be repeated CARDS with unlockable content. Example:

Episode 12 contains the Code [10-01] which is deciphered by Key #020: "listening".

Episode 35 contains the Code [10-55] which is deciphered by Key #092: "listening".

There are special CARDS that can give you access to a restricted area in your member account; allow registration on a whitelist; or allow claiming a special benefit.

Important: The CARDS have identified copies and specific colors for each unique copy, but this does not mean that they decode the EPISODE of the same color, that is, the colors of the CARDS do not necessarily decipher an EPISODE of the same color, it may be that a blue EPISODE needs to be CARDS of different colors. This is because CARDS codes are distributed randomly.

You can access the CARDS' unlockable content in the book's APP, just look for the UNLOCK section.

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