The initial sale of NFT's will have a single price for each type (EPISODES, CARDS e FINALCHAPTER), according to the value indicated on the Books page of the respective book. The price will be the same for all participants in the primary sale.

In secondary sales, that is, every time the NFT is moved from one wallet to another, a royalty rate of 10% will be applied. This revenue will be distributed as follows:

  • 8.0% for the award pool.

  • 2.0% for the author of the book.

Award Pool

The prize fund is the incentive and reward income for participants in our 'treasure hunt' who achieve FINALCHAPTER.

Your income will be split 1/100 to anyone who purchases the final chapter and claims your ranking position. The fund's income will be generated from the first secondary sale of EPISODES and KEYS and not from the moment the participant reaches the FINALCHPATER.

This means that when the first participant reaches the final chapter, he will receive, in the proportion that fits him (1/100), the accumulated royalties generated in sales prior to his arrival and will continue to receive for subsequent sales. That's for the top 100. See the hypothetical example:

  • Book launch on 11.20.2022.

  • Revenue from all secondary sales (8%) on 01.10.2023 = $100,000.00;

  • First participant acquires the final chapter on 01.10.2023;

  • You will receive 1/100,000.00: 1,000.00 of the accumulated balance + the future balance from this date, in the proportion 1/100.

Those who arrive after the 100th participant will receive the accumulated ratio of 1/100. For example, the 100th reader will receive the full accrual of the 1/100 ratio and continuously the subsequent sales until the 101th reader purchases a final chapter. When the hundred-first arrives, the income from the 100th position will be divided equally between the hundredth and the hundred-first, and so on to all who arrive from the hundredth, where the proportion 1/100 will be divided equally among all the following. See the example:

  • Income from all secondary sales (8%) on 01.10.2024 = $100,000.00;

  • Hundredth participant arrives in the final chapter on 01.10.2024;

  • You will receive 1/100,000.00: 1,000.00 of the accumulated balance + the future balance from this date, in the proportion 1/100 divided by the number of subsequent participants.

If on September 10, 2024, the hundred-first and one-hundred-second participants reach the end, from that date the division would be as follows: 1/100 / 3, and so on.

The smart contract address of each book's prize fund will be indicated in the APP of the respective book.

Participants will be able to consult the balance and division of the fund periodically, through the address on the fund's blockchain.

Those eligible to receive the award will automatically receive their funds through the APP.

The withdrawal of funds by the winning participants will be carried out in the APP of the book.

Book Writer

Obviously, the intellectual owner of the story that spawned the book should be rewarded for their creative effort.

The books released can be by different authors, this will depend on the idea, creativity and profile of the writer. Whoever the writer, the commercialization rights are assigned exclusively to the MysteriesLand project.

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