Max Supply

As already mentioned, a 'book' consists of:

  • 01 decoded episode, the "0".

  • 99 encoded episodes, from "01" to "99".

  • 01 utility card, the "0".

  • 990 cards with keys, from "01" to "990".

  • 01 final chapter.

However, each set of NFT's that make up the book has 10 numbered copies (#1-10) divided by color, that is, even though they are copies with the same content, they have different layout and ID, which makes them a unique collectible.

Thus, the initial supply of each book will be 10 unique copies. However, depending on the progress of the project, it is possible that up to a maximum of 10 copies of each uinique copy will be generated. This means that the INITIAL supply will be 10 unique copies and the MAXIMUM supply will be 10 copies of each unique copy.

This calculation does not apply to FINALCHAPTER, which will have an unlimited supply, so that EPISODES and CARDS exchanges are perpetual and reward revenues are continuous.

As it is not necessary to keep the NFT token of the EPISODES or CARDS to release the FINALCHAPTER purchase, the tokens will possibly always be in circulation.

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